Who We Are

Antique Cafe provides the very best in the unique world of in-house corporate cafes. With a clientele of discerning tastes and busy schedules, Antique Cafe provides a convenient venue with the highest quality of food and coffee service to meet the daily needs of the corporate tenants. With locations in the lobby of each building Antique Cafe serves hundreds of extremely busy members of the bustling New York City workforce, in a courteous and efficient manner five days a week, day-in and day-out. From sophisticated espresso and coffee drinks to a wide array of gourmet pastries and mouth-watering sandwiches made fresh daily, one need not even leave the building for the busy day.

Our Menu

Antique Cafe offers a full-scale catering menu for all your corporate needs whether for a small office gathering or large office party, Antique Cafe, situated in your lobby should be your top choice to service these events. Simply put, Antique Cafe is just an elevator ride away to service the most hard-working and discerning customers in the world.

Property Owners

"A tenant benefit that’s a piece of cake… It could be the tastiest decision you’ll ever make". The lobby of your building should be more than just a route to the elevator. Did you know that an Antique Café can be accommodated in a space as compact as 300 square feet? Your tenants will appreciate access to fresh, delicious meals and snacks.

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Certified Organic & Wholesomely Healthy.

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