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Mother and Son set the wheels in motion!

Successful business owners will tell you their story nearly always starts with a good dose of passion, a drive to succeed, a great support team and of course, it’s always about location, location, location!

The success of Antique Café is founded on those principals, but let’s cut to the chase and start at the beginning…

In 2011 Wade Holt had the vision to convert a tired and under-utilized newsstand into a vibrant, business that benefitted both building tenants and property owners. The concept of Antique Café was born and Wade’s passion for his new enterprise made him determined to succeed.

As a lover and participant of extreme sports, Wade is one of those people who never tackles anything at less than full speed; self-motivated and driven are two traits that fit Wade perfectly. Next step was assembling the very important support team and who best to turn to than his most stalwart supporter – mom! With a background in retail, front office and relationship management, mom was a treasure and perfect partner for this new venture.

Now about location… in New York’s bustling commercial districts where high rise buildings often house 3,000+ hungry and busy office workers – the lobby of these buildings see a lot of foot traffic all day long. The day of the newspaper is fading fast with the popularity of smart phones and with the consumers thirst for the latest news right now; news stands are no longer attracting a sustainable trade. However, fresh, healthy and delicious food is always in demand and when it’s conveniently available and just an elevator ride away it’s a benefit that appeals to busy office workers, and gives property owners another element to attract tenants.

Mother and son set the wheels in motion, and in four short years several successful Antique Cafés have proven the concept to be a winning proposition for all concerned.

The Antique Café brand combines the comfort and charm of a Norman Rockwell ambiance, with an organic and fresh vibe that appeals to a diverse clientele. Keeping the all important culture of the brand vibrant and appealing is the quality and dedication of the employees that staff the cafes’. They are an appreciated element of this successful brand, they are treated and paid well and turnover is non-existent – four years after the first café opened, the same employees are still with them and so is mom who fittingly, is called ‘mom’ by everyone! Like the neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name – the Antique Cafés offer the same warmth and hospitality.

What’s next on the menu?

New Yorkers can look forward to seeing more conveniently sited Antique Cafés as soon as the all important locations are identified - and are Wade and “Mom” approved!

To enquire if an Antique Café would be a good fit for your location, email or contact Wade directly.

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