Antique Cafe outside
Antique Cafe outside


Antique Café – Coming soon to a lobby near you!

Would you like a Café in your building?

A tenant benefit that’s a piece of cake… It could be the tastiest decision you’ll ever make.

The lobby of your building should be more than just a route to the elevator. Did you know that one of our Cafes can be accommodated in a space as compact as 300 square feet? Your tenants will appreciate access to fresh, delicious meals and snacks.

* Not enough time to go for lunch?
* Is the weather too hot, too cold or too wet to go out?
Do your tenants need coffee and sandwiches for a meeting?
* Would you like catering services conveniently located in your building?

An elevator ride to an elite in-house corporate Café solves the problem!

Antique Café is the proven leader for in-house corporate dining!

From design to construction to opening day, Antique Café is there every step of the way making the process easy and efficient! We staff the cafés with professional, reliable and friendly people. We oversee all aspects of the operation and best of all - we provide fresh, delicious organic and gluten free food that your tenants will love.

Successful New York City locations are already in full operation. The Antique Café is attractive, clean, professional enterprise that gives you a superb tenant benefit with none of the worries…

* We ensure the premise is up to city and health code
* We meet or exceed all health and sanitary requirements
* We ensure it’s a safe, well lit environment
* No unpleasant odors – just the pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods
* We staff the facility and provide oversight and everything is ‘mom’ approved.

Want to know more and meet ’Mom’?

To enquire if an Antique Café would be a good fit for your location, email or contact Wade directly. 

Wade Holt
Phone: (303) 949-8480

Cheryl "Mom" Holt

Antique Cafe

FRESH Food Fast!